Vendafit Pty Ltd was created in 2002 when its founders Andy and Sharryn Hart realized that one of the difficulty in implementing the Needle and Syringe Program was the lack of appropriate equipment available after hours or during holidays periods for the disposalĀ and the distribution of syringes.


Based on his many years of experience in the different Health Districts, Andy designed a disposal bin

that was flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of sharps, in contrast to the existing binsĀ at

the time which could only receive Fitpacks or single syringes.

First came the 240 Liters Disposal bin, and then a range of smaller bins followed, all distributed under the Disposafit brand.


Simultaneaously, Andy became interested in the vending and dispensing machines as he realised that the machines used at the time were already old and weren’t originally designed for that purpose.

He believed the management, the maintenance and the production of the machines should be outsourced to private hands.

Vendafit was created for that purpose and started offering leasing services to Local Health Districts, therefore undertaking the operations of the machines on behalf of the Health Districts.



Ten years later, Vendafit now offers a full range of high end quality disposal bins, and manufactures its own vending and dispensing machines.

It has entered into lease agreements with Health Districts in NSW, ACT, SA, and VIC, and has also sold Disposafit bins, dispensing machines and vending machines in those four locations and in Queensland.



Since January 2013, Vendafit is managed by Alex and Laurent who have acquired Vendafit from Sharryn Hart.

Sharryn has single handedly operated the company since April 2011, and will remain with Vendafit, bringing her experience and industry knowledge to support Vendafit and the expansion of the National Needle & Syringe Program.