Vendafit Dispensing Machines

Vendafit produces a range of sharp and needle Dispensing Machines to allow clients to access needle packs free of charge. Our most popular products are:



Two or three column Needle Pack Dispenser


3 Column Dispenser Pic

3 Column Needle Pack Dispenser

These machines distribute distribute syringe and needle packs for free.


They can be equipped with two or three drawers and will contain respectively up to 40 and 60 needle packs.



We can also include a child deterrent mechanism that requires a lever to be raised before a drawer can be opened and a pack is dispensed.


These machines are usually fitted outside.


Two columns dispenser :    (H) 900 x (W) 540 x (D) 250

Three columns dispenser:  (H) 900 x (W) 750 x (D) 250





Perpex Needle Pack Dispenser


Vendafit - Perspex 2 columns - Clean

Perspex double chute dispensing unit


Made for inside use only, these simple dispensers come as a single or double chute. They can hold a maximum 20 packs or 40 packs.



These Dispensers are useful in situations where discrete access is needed, i.e. Hospitals and Health Centres waiting rooms as clients can help themselves to packs.



Designed as client self serve units, the dispenser allows only one Fitpack® to be removed at a time.



Single column dispenser :  (H) 900 x (W) 300 x (D) 100

Double column dispenser: (H) 900 x (W) 460 x  (D) 100








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