120 Litre Bin







Disposafit 120 Litre bin, the DS-120, bears the same design as the DS-240 with inclined rooftop, perspex spy window and secure locking mechanism.



It also include a smooth internal chute to prevent anything placed into the bin from catching and blocking the chute. Be aware that cheaper Bins have internal hinge bolts which can catch items and can easily be undone.


The lock is also hidden under the bottom of the door to prevent vandalism, and the door is held closed at three different points to prevent anyone from jemmying the door open. Cheaper Bins use padlocks that are easy to vandalise and open and top locks which fill with water & rust.



This bin can accommodates most sharps bins used by Needle Exchanges and Hospitals.



Approximate size: 600mm wide, 1500 tall, and 750 deep.