240 Litre Bin


The most popular size of bin for public use is the 240 litre bin, made to take most standard 240 litre wheelie bins; this bin size allows large amounts of sharps waste to be collected.


The main features of the 240 litre bin are:


  • This Disposafit bin has a large one way chute that takes most sharps bins used by Needle Exchanges and Hospitals.


  • The chute internally is smooth to prevent anything placed into the bin from catching and blocking the chute. Be aware that cheaper Bins have internal hinge bolts which can catch items and can easily be undone.


  • A specially designed locking system that is strong and discreet:  the lock is located under the bottom of the door to prevent vandalism, and our three points locking system is designed to prevent anyone from jemmying the door open. Cheaper bins use padlocks that are easy to vandalize and open.



Open 240 litre bin with wheelie bin inside



















Approx Weight 104 kgs, Gauge Metal 16