Vendafit Vending Machines



Our range comprises three different machines:



→ The Large Capacity XL400: with a capacity of 400 standard packs, our latest machine is perfectly suited for busy locations with high turnover. It is highly flexible and can accommodate a wide range of products (Fitpack®, tubes, paper bags, cardboard boxes, etc) of different shapes and sizes, with different prices for each product type.

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→ The Advanced P200 Mark3: able to dispense up to 200 standard packs, the P200 offers the full functionality of a standard vending machine: multiple products, multiple prices, cash escrow and release, returning change, etc.

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→ The Modern Compact 65: easy to install as it can operate on standard batteries, the C65 can hold up to 65 standard packs. This mono-product machine is quiet, modern and operates simply, accepting only $1 and $2 coins. it can be configured to distribute a wide range of products like Fitpack®, tubes, paper bags, etc.

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All three machines can be set to operate as free vend and be fitted with a child deterrent mechanism.





Vendafit has more than 10 years experience operating machines on behalf of various Local Health Districts in Australia. We offer a comprehensive solution which provides many benefits and cost savings to Health Districts.



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