Vendafit Compact C65




C65 - Closed 3-4 - photoshopped


The Compact C65 needle vending machine is the latest addition to the range of machines distributed by Vendafit.
It has been designed as a very flexible machine that can adapt to various locations and distribute many different types of products.


Its slim dimensions and its ability to operate on batteries allows the machine to be installed in  many different sites that would present difficulties (passage, exposure, access to power, etc…) to other machines.



Main characteristics:

  • Compact and sturdy:Compact 65 pack range
  • Strong build shock resistant compact casing, hidden hinge, strong lock system
  • Weather resistant & Rust Proof Water is chanelled out of the machine
  • Dimensions: (H) 800 x (H) 900 x (D) 200
  • Reliable and Simple:
  • Mono Product
  • Only takes $1 & $2 coins
  • Coin return mechanism, no change givenCompact 65 battery
  • Flexible and adaptable:
  • Can dispense Fitpacks® or parcels or tubes as displayed on the picture
  • Can be set to free dispensing with Child Deterrent button, or using Tokens
  • Main powered or battery operated (standard 6 Volt batteries available in any shop)


Vendafit has more than 10 years experience in operating the machines on behalf of various Local Health Districts in Australia. We offer a comprehensive solution which provides many benefits and costs savings to Health Districts.


Please refer to our Services page for more information on leasing.