Vendafit XL 400




Increased capacity of 400 packs, ideal for densely populated locations with high turnover.

Can be fitted with a child deterrent button; the button is located high up on the machine and must be pressed simultaneously with a dispensing button to dispense a Pack.



Technical specifications

Can be set up to sell up to 6 different products with very different shapes (Fitpacks, tubes, parcels, cardboard boxes)

Specially designed to suit outdoor conditions and reinforced to address vandalism issues

Significant weight and optional ground bolting providing additional security against vandalism (not possible to move the machine)

Remote monitoring of dispensing activities and “out of stock” detection (optional).



Dimensions: 1,830mm (H) x 990mm (W) x 910mm (D)

Weight: approx. 340kg



Vendafit’s XL400 offers extra-large vending capacity and flexibility in terms of products being dispensed


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