We can provide different types of services and support to the Health Districts centered around the installation, the operation and the maintenance of our vending/dispensing machines.

We also provide support to our Disposafit customers who want to install sharps disposal bins in their area.



Vending machines under lease agreement


We offer a lease service agreement to Local Health Districts where Vendafit undertakes all duties to efficiently operate the vending machines on behalf of the LHD; we can:


»   Advise on the suitability of a site for a machine, specially in respect of deliquency

     and vandalism risks.

»   Recommend security features to install in the area or on the machine if needed

»   Install the machine when final site has been approved

»   Restock the machine when needed and collect cash

»   Effect all maintenance and repairs on the machine to ensure minimum down-time

»   Report on quantities distributed on an agreed basis

»   Replace machines that can’t be repaired



The lease service agreement provides multiple benefits to the Health Districts:


›   It is a cost effective solution as Vendafit remains the owner of the machines

›   It frees up a significant amount of time for Health District Workers and eliminates the OH&S risks associated with attending the machines

›   Vendafit also becomes the single point of contact for any matter related to the machines



We have successfully operated a park of machines under lease agreements for the past 10 years in NSW, ACT, SA and VIC.




Vending machines, Dispensing machines and Disposafit bins purchased from Vendafit


When you acquire a machine or a purpose built bin from us, we can:

»   Advise on the suitability of a site

»   Recommend security features for the site and the machine or bin

»   Install the machine or bin on the designated site

»   Effect the necessary repairs at your request.


We can also repair machines from other providers or older machines (D8, etc) on an ad-hoc basis as we manage some of those machines ourselves.




Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can arrange storage, delivery and installation of our products.