The P200 Vendafit Needle Vending Machine

Made of Zinc sealed steel, the P200 Vendafit needle vending machine is purpose built and made for outside use to give access to the tools of prevention 24/7.

The P200 machine has twenty trays with a capacity of Two Hundred Fitpacks®, or equivalent  products, with Ten Buttons to allow for Ten different product choices i.e. condoms, larger Syringe packs, filters, sterile water etc.

The machine has a vandal resistant casing and the front of the machine allows for information in a A3 frame to be displayed, i.e. numbers to call in the event of a breakdown and the location of free local services.

The machines will accept all types of legal coinage and can give change as required. But to make the P200 machine even more reliable, the machine has been made NOT to accept the Australian Fifty Cent coin, as it causes the majority of coin jams.

The machines can be programmed to accept tokens and have Note takers fitted if required.

Vendafit will train your staff in the use of the machine and we provide a one year on site warranty on the machine.

Dimensions: 1370 High x 830 Wide x 370 Deep.

The P200 Vending machine open showing twenty traysOpen P200

All Vendafit vending machines can be ordered custom built to individual customer requirements, and components can be added later if required at extra cost i.e. Note taker.

Existing staff can operate the machines or Vendafit can offer a full service arrangement if required.

A full service arrangement entails Vendafit supplying the machines, maintaining and restocking, via a network of Subcontractors.

Vendafit provides a full service for a large New South Wales Area Health Service and in the Australian Capital Territory.

If needed Machine components can be sent overnight to appropriate factory to be  repaired or replaced as needed.Spare part packages are available to prevent any loss of function.